Delegation in AdaLite + Ledger Nano S

Open up AdaLite website and select "hardware wallet" option

Connect Ledger Nano S to USB port and unlock it with your PIN

Select "Unlock with Ledger" and open Cardano app on the device

Press both buttons to export public key, then press right to confirm (needs to be done twice)

Visit stake pools statistic website such as and copy the ID of the pool of your choice

Paste the ID of the pool into the box and click "delegate"

Review the delegation details and press "confirm transaction"

It is now time to confirm the transaction on the Ledger, which includes registering staking key, confirming delegation and stake pool ID. Follow prompts on the display and click both buttons unless it's a confirmation where press of right button is required

Voilà! You are now delegating your stake and you should see the rewards coming after next 4 epochs!